Unique leporello photobook from the project Isabouckar


Project: Isabouckar! A shout out loud for joy.
afmeting: 12,5 x 8 cm. landscape



Everyone has their own unique inner ‘experience and perception’ world, in addition there is a common universal human body language; in which energy and emotions releases. Dancers are most equipped to speak that language and are hence the ideal metaphor for human expression.

My curiosity brought me to look beyond the outward; to the inner authentic identity and the subconscious of mankind. Through the intuitive body expression of a dancer this inner world can flow and merge with the outside world; a new synergistic reality arises.

With this view I went in June 2013 to Saint-Louis in Senegal, with three Senegalese professional dancers: Madiba Badio, Aram Gomis and Alioune Diagne aroses a collabarative connection at various locations.

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Afmetingen 12.5 × 8 × 2 cm